Work from Home Bundle

Make Working from Home More Safe & Secure:

$129 per month* Or?

Purchase for as low as $2,499

Prior to COVID-19 less than 5% of office workers worked from home on a regular daily basis. Since COVID-19 more than 30% of all office workers are working from home daily. Most people’s home offices are not setup with the same robust systems as a commercial workspace. Oculogix can help you create that same commercial environment with our Work from Home Bundle. Call Oculogix today to get a free consultation on how to find the best work from home ecosystem for your home.

What’s included in our Work from Home Bundle:

  • Firewalla cybersecurity network device
  • Robust whole-home Wifi
  • Business-class IP phone? (Includes phone number & service)
  • Smart video doorbell
  • Amazon Echo Show 10.1 or Google Nest Hub Max

Why do you need Cybersecurity?

One of the biggest differences between work and home is the level of cyber protection. Commercial work environments usually have an IT staff that maintains a very protective Firewall to stop hackers and virus attacks from getting into their important business systems and documents. Well home networks can now have that same robust level of protection with the next generation in cyber security from Firewalla.

What is Whole-Home Wi-Fi?

Commercial office environments usually have Wi-Fi networks which have no dead spots. Most home Wi-Fi systems consist of a single router provided by your internet provider that is not in a central location. As result there are likely several dead spots in your home network. Today there are Mesh Networks which use multiple access points to provide great Wi-Fi in every corner of your home so you get the same strong internet no matter where you setup your home office.

Convenience and Security of Working from Home

Have you ever been on a web call and your front doorbell rings? If you had a video doorbell and a smart display device you could see the person at the door and have the choice to talk to them directly or ignore them without ever leaving your office and missing any of your web calls.

Call Oculogix Today!

Picking a smart home system to install in your home can be a challenging task. There seems to be a never-ending selection of smart home products with new ones coming to market every day. This is why it is always a good idea to hire a professional smart home company like Oculogix to make sure that you put the right products in your home to keep your family comfortable, safe, and private. Once you select which system you want in your home, our team of experts will neatly install everything and train you on how to make the most of these exciting new pieces of technology. We will also continue to support your system in case anything stops working the way that it is supposed to. So call Oculogix today to get started on your Amazon smart home system!

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