Security Bundle

Make Your Home More Safe & Secure:

$99 per month* Or?

Purchase for as low as $2,199

Oculogix offers a Smart Home Security Bundle which provides safety, security and peace of mind to you and your family. Call Oculogix today to get a free consultation to help you find the best home security ecosystem for your home.

What’s included in our Security Bundle:

  • Home alarm & monitoring system (Monitoring fee extra)
  • Smart video doorbell
  • Smart deadbolt lock
  • Smart garage door controller
  • Smart video floodlight
  • Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini (Free with bundle)

What makes a good home security system?

A good home security system detects and records motion and alerts you to that motion so you can determine if additional action is needed. You can also hire a third-party service to monitor your security system and alert local police/fire to respond to the security threat.

The safety & convenience of smart home security

Picture yourself cooking a big dinner for your family and the doorbell rings. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could ask your smart display to access your smart video doorbell so you could see who was at the door and then either ignore them, talk to them or ask your smart display to access your smart door lock to unlock the door and let your visitor in? All of that is possible with your smart security bundle from Oculogix.

What is a smart garage door opener?

Have you ever driven away from your house and wondered whether you closed the garage door? Smart garage controllers can open and close your garage door automatically based on geofencing and can also send you alerts if you left the garage open. Then using your phone, you can open or close the door without having to drive home.

Call Oculogix Today!

Picking a smart home system to install in your home can be a challenging task. There seems to be a never-ending selection of smart home products with new ones coming to market every day. This is why it is always a good idea to hire a professional smart home company like Oculogix to make sure that you put the right products in your home to keep your family comfortable, safe, and private. Once you select which system you want in your home, our team of experts will neatly install everything and train you on how to make the most of these exciting new pieces of technology. We will also continue to support your system in case anything stops working the way that it is supposed to. So call Oculogix today to get started on your Amazon smart home system!

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