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Get the Advantages of Smart Home Tech Without the Hassle

Having your home outfitted with smart home technology makes life easier and more fun! However, with all of the hundreds of companies offering thousands of smart home products, it’s hard to know which products will work best for you — not to mention how getting them set up can be a nightmare.?

That’s why Oculogix has created these smart home starter kit bundles. We’ve curated the best products on the market and bundled them with other great products that we know communicate well with each other. Compatibility can be a major issue with smart home technology so it’s best to trust a professional when getting your smart home set up.

What’s Included in Our Google Nest Starter Bundle:

  • Smart Thermostat
  • Internet TV Streaming Stick 4k
  • Smart Video Doorbell
  • Smart Deadbolt Lock
  • Smart Garage Door Controller
  • Google Nest Mini (Free With Bundle)
  • Professional installation
  • Smart home training
  • On-going service and support

Oculogix offers smart home starter bundles for each of the major three ecosystems — Google, Apple, and Amazon. Each of these ecosystems has different advantages and if you’re not sure which one will best suit your needs, call Oculogix today. We would be happy to provide a free consultation to help you find the best smart home ecosystem for your home.

What is Google Nest

When Google first launched it’s line of smart home speakers called Google Home, it had a bit of a rocky start. Many of their controls were not as intuitive as those of their competitors. Google recognized that they needed help, so they partnered up with Nest who had been in the smart home game almost 5 years longer than Google. Google Home combined their products with Nest and the two became Google Nest, which has since become one of them main contenders in the smart home arena.

Why Pick Google Nest?

In the first few years of the smart home battle, there were pretty significant differences in capabilities and features between the different smart home ecosystems. However, now all of the three major players (Google, Amazon, and Apple) have all caught up to each other and there are few differences in what each system is capable of. This means that the main deciding factor when choosing your starter pack really comes down to which ecosystem are you already using??

If you currently have an Android device that uses Google Assistant and you enjoy using Google software like Google Maps, Youtube, Google Keep, and others, Google Nest is the way to go. By integrating your smart home into the Google ecosystem that you already know and love, you will find all sorts of ways to utilize your Google Assistant to accomplish different tasks.

Advantages of Google Nest

Although each system is capable of most of the same basic tasks, there are dissenting opinions about which system does certain tasks the best. Here are the aspects of Google Nest that we think Google does better than anyone else:

  • Maps — Most people agree that Google Maps is the best Map App around and Google Nest is the only one that uses Google Maps when providing directions and other location services
  • Youtube — Because Google owns Youtube, all Google Nest devices have seamless Youtube integration. The other systems have work arounds, but if you enjoy watching video content from Youtube, you may want to consider sticking with Google Nest
  • Casting — If you want to cast video or images from your phone onto your TV, Google Chromecast is the simplest, most universal way to do so.?
  • Searches and Questions — Google is, and most likely will always be, the king of internet searches. When you ask your smart speaker a question that may not have a straightforward answer, Google Home consistently outperforms its competitors in finding relevant information about your query.

Get the Advantages of Smart Home Tech Without the Hassle

Because of the complexity of the smart home industry, discovering which system to implement in your home may seem like a daunting task. It’s important to pick a system that you enjoy interacting with because if you pick a system you don’t like, it’s likely that you will not utilize your smart home as much as you could. This is why it’s important to hire a professional smart home company like Oculogix to help you determine which system you will interact with best. Once your smart home system has been installed, we will train you on how to operate your system, make the programming changes so that it truly works for you and we will continue to support your system in case anything stops working the way it is supposed to. So call Oculogix today to get your smart home system started.

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