Apple HomeKit Starter Bundle

Outfit Your Colorado Home With This Smart Home Starter Kit:

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Witness the Power of the Full Apple Ecosystem

If you own an Apple iPhone or other Apple products, your life could greatly benefit from having Oculogix Installing our Apple HomeKit smart home starter kit in your home. Making sure everything is connected and has the correct settings selected can be a hassle and you could be missing out on everything Apple has to offer.

Smart Home technology can be difficult to navigate, and that’s why Oculogix has created these smart home bundles. We want our customers to be able to get set up with smart home technology that works every time, and without the help of professionals, that can be hard to do. Call Oculogix today to get your smart home system started outright.

What’s included in our Apple HomeKit Starter Bundle:

  • Smart Thermostat
  • Apple TV 4k, 32GB
  • Smart Video Doorbell
  • Smart Deadbolt Lock
  • Smart Garage Door Controller
  • Apple HomePod Speaker
  • Professional installation
  • Smart home training
  • On-going service and support

Oculogix offers smart home starter bundles for each of the major three smart home ecosystems — Apple, Amazon, and Google. Each of these ecosystems has different advantages, and if you’re not sure which one will best suit your needs, call Oculogix today. We would be happy to provide a free consultation to help you find the best smart home ecosystem for your home.

What is Apple HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is the name of the software that Apple devices use to interact with smart home devices like lights, door locks, cameras, etc. While Amazon and Google’s smart home ecosystems require one of their speakers to act as a “hub” that controls different devices in your home, Apple’s Homekit can be run off of iPads, newer Apple TVs, and Apple’s smart speaker — the HomePod.

Why Pick Apple HomeKit?

As smart home technology gets more sophisticated, there are few differences between the big three — Apple, Amazon, and Google — when it comes to smart home capabilities and compatibility. While certain people may prefer the user interface or functionality of one system or another, they are very similar in their capabilities. This means that the main reason to choose one ecosystem over another is because it works well with what you are already using.

One of Apple’s biggest strengths is making its products communicate seamlessly with other devices in the same ecosystem. This means that if you have an Apple iPhone, it is impressively simple to be able to share photos or transition conversations or other tasks between devices. While iPhones and iPads often work with other smart home devices just fine, they excel when interacting with other Apple products. This is why we suggest anyone who is currently invested in the Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, Mac Computers, Apple Watch, etc) to consider purchasing our Apple Homekit Starter Bundle.

Advantages of Apple HomeKit

As we said before, the biggest boon of the Apple HomeKit is its integration with other Apple products. However, we would like to share the specific tasks that we feel Apple products outperform other smart home systems.

  • User Interface — It’s no surprise that Apple has done a wonderful job making their HomeKit software extremely user-friendly and gorgeous to look at and interact with.
  • Smart Watch Integration — Controlling the Apple HomeKit from your Apple Watch by simply raising your wrist is such a natural way to interact with your smart assistant. This is one way that Apple is truly ahead of the curve in smart home technology. There are few smartwatch alternatives that feel this good when controlling your smart home.
  • Automation/Routines — The Apple HomeKit has a truly robust set of tools for automating certain tasks and setting routines. While the other systems have ways of automating most of the same things HomeKit is capable of, it often requires using third-party apps such as ITTT.
  • Media Streaming — Apple TV is undoubtedly a wonderful platform for consuming video media. Its user interface is friendly and beautiful and it has access to practically every streaming service you can think of.

Call Oculogix Today!

Picking a smart home system to install in your home can be a challenging task. There seems to be a never-ending selection of smart home products with new ones coming to market every day. This is why it is always a good idea to hire a professional smart home company like Oculogix to make sure that you put the right products in your home to keep your family comfortable, safe, and private. Once you select which system you want in your home, our team of experts will neatly install everything and train you on how to make the most of these exciting new pieces of technology. We will also continue to support your system in case anything stops working the way that it is supposed to. So call Oculogix today to get started on your Apple smart home system!

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